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We are your Local Friendly Provider of Companions / Homemaker Services.

We offer At Home Affordable Quality Care with you and your families in mind.   At Seven Seas by Charly – you hold on to your freedom, dignity and remain in control of  ALL of your  health needs!  Your Safety is our #1 Priority.  We follow CDC Strict guideline and protocol to aid in fighting the spread of  Covid 19 Pandemic.

 We are honest and friendly!  No sign up hassels.  No hidden fees.  No insurances or no red tape.    Low Income Programs is available for those who qualify. 

 “We Help you make the Connections to a Sustainable Life”



The BEST CANDIDATE for our program would be individuals who may suffer from the following, but not limited to:

  • Poor Vision
  • Anxiety or Depression
  • Unable to bend, reach, or lift
  • Bed Bound or Wheelchair Bound
  • Afraid of being alone
  • Previous slip and Fall accident or Afraid of falling
  • Declutter Homemaking or Office Organizing
  • On- Demand Hospital Discharged

Hiring a companion may help you live longer!

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Live In 24 Hour Care

Through our Comfort Care - We help individuals maintain independence in their own homes.   Our focus is to promote safety and healthy habits. We encourage daily activities routines and one to one interaction, We cater to your needs.

Adult Care Hourly

Through the ageing process, changes in mobility and health can impose great challenges. Loneliness impairs both physical and mental health. Hiring a Companion or Homemaker can minimize stress, frustrations and worries of day to day activities. Family and loved will have peace of mind and rest assured knowing that all your Personable needs are met.

Additional Services

In Addition to our way of providing Extraordinaire in-home service - We offer On Demand, a Safe and Efficient way for our Elderly and Disabled Communities to reach local and far destinations, attend events, travel to connect with Loved ones or Friends, order meals and receive delivered items

Home Health vs Companions

How to make the right choice?


HOME HEALTH AGENCIES traditionally are a one size fit all program with very little accommodation or flexibility. Certified Nurse Assistant / Home Health Aide perform hands on medical services and other hands on technical task.


COMPANION / HOMEMAKER AGENCIES offer more flexibility, convenience and accommodation. Companions / Homemakers have various daily task and assignments – it’s unique services are non hands-on and non-medical.

Why Chose Us?

The decision to choose the help of a Companion just got Simpler-yay !     Our program is designed to meet your needs without the hassles of insurances, red tape or hidden fees.   

***Flat Rate and Hourly Available – min 2 hours

****Different Pay Options Available

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Don't wait to late

Who decides for you during a Crisis? Having control is important when deciding what your own needs are. Do not wait until you are no longer able to make your own decisions. — be proactive about your health care needs !


You are Always in control

We are only a Call Away – 561-694-6994  

We understand that ageing brings on new challenges we encourage you to “Always be Proactive” – you Choose the services you want.   Keep your freedom! 


"NO WORRIES " We have done ALL the work for you. We work with highly skilled and professionals. Our team are screened, trained and FBI cleared.