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“Imagine a cozy and peaceful day enjoying life in a supportive environment”
At Seven Seas by Charly Corp we are a non- traditional and innovative Companions & Homemaker service.  We diligently find  ways to help you navigate through  challenges at home.
OUR GOAL  are to provide you with a non – medical home health service that will not require ‘red-tape’. We want to make it easy for you or your loved ones to schedule our services by a simple ‘click’ of a button.
Our values are to promote well-being, a safe solution, and mental support to vulnerable individuals.
Non-Medicare/ Non-Medical  ‘Care’  services received by companions & homemakers  is an ‘extended’ health service and is not covered by Medicare or other private insurance plans.  ***We are commited to keep our fees flexible and affordable for any budget****We accept Cash Pay,  Digital App, Check, Credit Card and Bank Wire for your convenience.
WE’VE DONE THE WORK  So that you don’t have to worry – our companions are FBI approved, highly trained in the healthcare field.   They are essential to the SUCCESS of our establishment.  Therefore, we only select individuals who are compassionate, honest, and driven to make a difference.
Your preference is our priority and what will work for you! 
Seven Seas By Charly is a proud service for great lengths!   A ‘typical  day ‘ may begin helping our client to awaken out of bed and groom.  Up- keep  and tidy  living spaces,  light laundry. ( Due to Covid 19 and CDC Guidelines)  We take universal safety precaution by choosing the best economical and safest way with ordering essentials online,  and running errands.
We will attend and schedule appointments.   We read books, write,  play games,  have quiet times, or conversate to help increase cognitive function. For those who are able- We always encourage outings like nature walks, exercise.

Essential planning is an important part of our journey

On demand are un-scheduled or un-planned request- which makes it essential to receive. 
 So, if you are being discharged from a  hospital, we will meet you at your residence to get you settled!

We Offer a safer solution!

This service is inclusive to our Hourly and Live -In service  but,  may also be purchased as a stand-alone option called ‘on-demand’
You must  register!   There are  No Obligations!  No Risk involved. You can even plan and schedule at a later date.
   Here is the Process:
  • Submit the online form.
  • Pay $60 Cost of  Admin/  Registration fee 
  • Within 24 hours a Coordinator will call and schedule your needs  assessment.
  • Finally, you decide the level of service you want! 
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