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Innovative 'Healthcare' Companion Services are Here!

“Imagine a cozy and peaceful day enjoying life in a supportive environment”

At Seven Seas by Charly Corp we are a non- traditional innovative Companions & Homemaker  service.  We diligently find new and improved ways to help you navigate through complicating challenges at home.

OUR GOAL  is to promote well being, safety and mental support. In the process,  we make it easier for individuals to schedule our services and  to receive safe quality in- home care.

Non-Medicare/ Non-Medical  ‘Care’  services received by companions & homemakers  is an ‘extended’ health service and is not covered by Medicare or other private insurance plans.  ***We are commited to keep our fees flexible and affordable for any budget****We accept Cash Pay,  Digital App, Check, Credit Card and Bank Wire for your convenience.

WE’VE DONE THE WORK  So that you don’t have to worry – our companions are FBI approved, highly trained in the healthcare field.   They are essential to the SUCCESS of our establishment.  Therefore, we only select individuals who are compassionate, honest, and driven to make a difference – that join our Crew.

Your preference is our priority in what works for you!  We go various lengths.   A ‘typical work day ‘ may begin helping our clients awaken out of bed and groom.  We help to up keep the living spaces and do light laundry.  Due to Covid 19; as a safety precaution we help with ordering online curbside, pick/delivery.  Schedule appointments and accompany to medical appointments.  We read books, write,  play games,  have quiet times, or conversate to help increase cognitive function. We encourage outings like nature walks, exercise & sightseeing. 

Essential planning is an important part of our journey in helping you to enjoy your independence and remain at home.    We help keep you prepared and stocked in food items and supplies; in case of emergency.

ON DEMAND   Receive your curbside items by trusted healthcare pros; so if you are being discharged from a  hospital, we will meet you at home or stay – We offer a safer solution to receiving “comforted care”  and essentials like:  prescription refill, retail, food & grocery for pick up/delivery. This service is inclusive to Hourly and Live In option,  but may also be purchased as a stand-alone option called ‘on-demand’

TO GET STARTED – You must  register!   There are  No Obligations! You can plan and schedule at a later date.

   Here is the Process:

  • Fill out and submit the online form.
  • Pay $60 Onboarding/  Registration fee.
  • Within 24 hours a Coordinator will schedule  an in home assessment.
  • Finally, you choose the level you need. Schedule now or later, or On Demand Options.

 Ask about our ‘Frequently visit places’ – just to name a few: Kravitz Center, Beaches, Daily Boat Brunch Cruise, Museums, Church & Synagogues; more!

Can't Decide? Lets See.....

While we would like to help everyone  in a perfect world – reality?😌😯😞    Everyone has there own unique case. And there are rarely any two case alike!   And while we go great lengths -Our plan may only work for you if you are seeking ( non medical care) companion services.  Many times we are a provider service that is –  ‘in addition’  to your medical care’  And just to help you better understand how we can help –  Here are a short list of challenges that ‘some’ of our clients face. You have to decide what works for you.🤔


We can help you face some challenging examples below:

  • Poor Vision &Hearing
  • Caregiver need time-off
  • Fragile, frail  or weakness
  • Loneliness or Live Alone
  • Cognitive Dysfunctions or  Dementia
  • Unable to bend, reach, stand or lift
  • Immobile, wheelchair or bed bound
  • Afraid of falling or Parkinson’s Disease
  • Need home planning or sort 
  • Requires check in and Assurance visits
  • Home Sitter for snowbirds
  • Scheduled surgeries or frequent hospital discharging

Schedule a visit for a later (date)  📆⏲ – no obligations

more about us

Live In 24 Hour Care

Never be alone again. Loneliness impairs both physical and mental health. We will be with you around the clock 24 Hours a day 7 days a week providing live in support. Some individuals may require on-going help with aftercare from a previous surgery or when cognitive abilities are impaired by Dementia or other disability.

Adult Care Hourly

Family members can enjoy their day and be assured that their loved ones are cared for. Through the ageing process changes in mobility and health can impose great challenges. A Companion Sitter or Homemaker can minimize stress and worries we face day to day.

Additional Services

Our 'On Demand' feature will give you the benefit receiving essential items by trusted healthcare individuals to pick up and delivery to your front door. If you have unplanned hospital visits or surgeries call us and we will meet you where you are to help you in 'comforted care'.

Home Health vs Companions

How to make the right choice?


HOME HEALTH AGENCIES are traditionally are a "one size fit" all program with very little accommodation or flexibility. Certified Nurse Assistant /and or Home Health Aides will perform hands on 'medical' services and other technical task, i.e. vital signs, ekg, phlebotomy


COMPANION / HOMEMAKER AGENCIES offer more flexibility, convenience and accommodation. Companions /Homemakers will perform task i. e. running errands, home management, meal prep, light house keep, medical appointment accompany and scheduling, outings and activities