Why Private Pay or Long-Term Care Plan Might Be Better Than Other Options

When it comes to choosing your long-term care solutions in Palm Beach County, FL, it is best to know everything you can about these services.

Below, you'll find more info about many of the long-term care options available to you and the costs of each.

Private Pay and Long-Term Care Options in Palm Beach County, FL

Nursing Home Care

The average cost of a year’s care in a private Medicare-certified long-term nursing home room in Palm Beach County, FL is $107,000.

In-Home Care

The average in-home care costs in Palm Beach County, FL is approx. $50,918 a year for 40 hours of help per week.

Assisted Living Care

One year in a 1-bedroom assisted living care facility in Palm Beach County, FL averages $57,000 per year.

Long-term and the Government - Many people think that government programs such as Medicare and Medicaid will pay for all of their future long-term care needs. It might be a surprise to learn that these programs often only pay for some of these services and have many restrictions.


Medicare may cover a maximum of 100 days of services after a hospital stay.2 Coverage is designed to assist people during a short-term recovery and doesn't include personal care or supervision services.


If you have limited assets and income and are relying on Medicaid for healthcare, the state may make key care decisions on your behalf, including where you receive long-term care when you need it.

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