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Frequent Visits : Kravitz Center, Gardens, Casino, museums, church & synagogue, beaches, dinner cruise, other request

How We Bill and Pay

Our companions are paid weekly. To ensure accuracy, we bill our clients weekly in advance. For those clients and families who pay privately for their services, we accept payment by check, credit card,  wire transfer, and digital application. 

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Live In 24 Hour Care

Through our Comfort Care - We help individuals to maintain their independence in their own homes while minimizing stress and anxiety. Our focus is to promote independence by providing opportunities to maintain a better quality in life.

Adult Care Hourly

Through the ageing process changes in mobility and health can impose great challenges. Hiring a Companion or Homemaker can minimize worries of day to day activities. Family and loved will have peace of mind and rest assured knowing that their loved ones are cared for.

On Demand Services

In Addition to our way of providing Extraordinaire We are Non Traditional to in-home service - We offer On Demand a Safe and Efficient way for our Elderly and Disabled Communities to reach destination, attend events, connect with Loved ones or Friends, order out and receive meals etc...

Companions are essential

We make it Easy

Easy Sign Up & No Hidden Fees

We are affordable. And there are no hidden fees. No Insurances Accepted. And we make it easy to order services.

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This may be your first step in finding peace at the end of the day. Don't Delay!

You are always in control

Be proactive about your healthcare needs. You remain in control and keep your Dignity.

We have done ALL the work for you

Our essential companions are fbi approved- skilled and trained to safely support and assist you or your loved ones at home.

getting started

To get started - You must be registered with us! 
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Step 1: Fill out the form.
Step 2: Pay $60 On-boarding-initial visit.
Step 3: Coordinator will come to your home for an assessment.  
Step 4: Chose your services for now or at a later date - Easy!!

Note: REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED No obligations! Use the service when you need to. *On-board visits do not guarantee approval!  *Initial Visit Refunds are available if it is determined that we can not assist you.*****

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    24 Hour Live InHourly Visit – Min 2 Hour – Comfort CareTravel / Leisure CompanionHealth / Exercise AccompanyMedical Transport To AppointmentsDaily Local Events, Sight-seeing, PlanningMedication ReminderLight House Keep / Laundry / Plant WateringHouse sitterHouse / Office OrganizationShoppingMeal PreparationHospital Discharges With 2 Hr Comfort CareFood Delivery, Rx Pickup, Shopping

    Poor VisionAnxiety or DepressionUnable to bend, reach, or liftUnable to driveBed Bound or Wheelchair BoundAfraid of being alonePrevious slip and Fall accident or Afraid of fallingHospital Discharge, scheduled surgery, frequent or on-demand

    TodayNear futureOn Demand (future discharge, surgery, etc)